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"Life Is Winning Again In America"


Vice-President Mike Pence, the highest ranking administration official ever to address the March for Life in its forty-four year history, stirred hearts  with his hopeful words today.

In a far-ranging, 10 minute speech, the Vice-President confided that President Trump had asked him to attend today's march and that the President also extends his welcome to the marchers in Washington.

Pence highlighted two of the president's efforts for life so far: 1) his re-institution of the "Mexico City Policy" which prohibits the use of federal dollars for international organizations which promote or provide abortion; 2) he assured the crowd that next week, Trump would nominate a justice for the Supreme Court who stands for life, lamenting that the Supreme Court had turned away from life with its decision on Roe v Wade.

"Life is Winning in America" is a phrase the Vice-President used several times in his address, thanking the crowd for supporting life, but especially for their compassion toward mothers and their unborn children in crisis. He reminded listeners that when it comes to matters of the heart, gentleness is the strongest virtue of all.

He quoted both the Declaration of Independence and the words of Thomas Jefferson to assert that the right to life comes from God. Importantly, he pledged that the administration would work to bring about an end to tax payer support for abortion and for those who provide them. (emphasis mine)

The vice-president longed for a time in America when compassion is greater than confrontation and hope defeats despair. He urged that Pro-Lifers continue to use love and compassion as their message, not confrontation or anger.

Quite a speech, really - especially coming from the White House.