Principal Search Committee
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Holy Cross School Principal Search Committee Announced


It is with great pleasure I announce the members of Holy Cross School’s Principal Search Committee:

Beth Camillone PTA Representative, Outgoing PTA President, School parent
Bruce Eagelson   Parishioner representative, Member School and Parish Finance Councils, Member Faith in our Future Core Committee
Dr. Chris Huss School parent, member Holy Cross School Board, Principal Millstone Township Middle School
Teresa Makin School Parent Representative, Public Relations Coordinator
Mrs. Carol Bathmann Principal, St. Dominic's School, Brick, New Jersey


Thank you to the Committee members for agreeing to serve. Both Fr. Manning and Dr. Boland are ex-officio members of the Committee and will attend all interviews and discussions.

The Committee will meet soon for orientation with Dr. Boland, a presentation by Mr. Belluzzi and begin work immediately. A profile for the school will be assembled, announcement(s) advertising the position will be placed and the logistics for collecting, reading and evaluating the resumes before the committee begins interviews will be developed. The Committee makes its recommendations to the pastor, who upon approval, forwards the application to the Office of Catholic Schools for final approval. It is important to stress that all committee deliberations and applicant resumes are confidential.

All the Committee members know the school very well and have been working closely with Mr. Belluzzi and myself over the years. The school faculty has already been sent questionnaires seeking their advice to the Committee regarding the qualities needed by applicants for our School Principal.

Even at this early date, two other Catholic grammar schools in our diocese are seeking new principals. Please pray that the Holy Spirit inspires the right applicant to be able to join us and our Search Committee with right judgment.

Fr. Michael Manning, Pastor