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St. John Vianney, Example for All

John Vianney's life can serve as an example for everyone, not only priests.

His father initially opposed his vocation, prefering him to work on the family farm. Formal study, especially Latin proved very difficult for him and he failed the entrance exam for seminary. Intercession by his parish pastor won him ordination nonetheless and John served as a curate with him until the pastor's death. His own parish was not a dream choice, by any means. Secularism had taken strong root, which John overcame with persistent work and the example of his own holy life. He felt he might be happier as a monk, and even tried to leave the parish, but was persuaded to stay where he was for the good of the people he served. 

Who has not know resentment or opposition from loved ones, difficulty at work or school, discouraging prospects for success, dreamed that changing circumstances would bring happiness? What wonderful encouragement to see an example of prayer, persistence, loyalty bear great fruit.

St. John Vianney, pray for us.