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Monday's Religious Education - "The Classes Follow The Masses"

September is a busy month with lots of new schedules, new classes and new friends. Our Monday Religious Education class with the pastor is something else new. We are working to make it fun and challenging and to nourish your faith as you grow in the love of Jesus Christ.

We will be using the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies for the year. Each week’s lesson corresponds to the Scripture readings at Sunday’s mass. In addition to the weekly workbooks, students will receive a handbook, What the Church Believes and Teaches, a resource of prayers and material for the entire year.

The program has great web based resources and other details we’ll explain later, but the main thing now is to understand that “the classes will follow the Masses” as closely as possible instead of working through chapters in a textbook.

I am praying that Jesus will help us all grow in faith and grace this coming year. See you on September 19th!

Fr. Manning

Here is a link to Pflaum Publishing for the Gospel of September 18th: GOSPEL ON SEPTEMBER 18

And a link explaining a little more about the program: GOSPEL BASED EDUCATION