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Missa Pacem (Mass for Peace)

St. Francis Windows for North Transept Chapel

Beyer Studios has crafted a design for the two exterior windows on the north transept using the stained glass we already own from the former St. Francis of Assisi Church in Germantown, Philadelphia.

As you recall, the original windows were quite a bit bigger than our church permitted, so we have scenes from each of the windows illustrating events in the life of St. Francis. Four of them were used to fashion the window between St. Francis and St. Clare, including a scene where Francis blesses Clare.

The smaller windows would utilize 8 more of the scenes:




Francis prays for guidance.

Francis' rule  is blessed by Pope Innocent III.







Francis takes "build my church" literally.

Francis blesses King St. Louis IX. (?)






Francis meets St. Dominic.

Clare prays at St. Francis' deathbed.