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If You Didn't Get the Pokemon Craze the First Time...It's Back


God and Pokemon ?

I thought I could safely ignore the Pokemon Go craziness, much like I was only casually acquainted with the Pokemon card collecting craze of years gone by. (You've got to be a bit older to remember the "Wacky Packs" craze of the late 60's.)


But after noticing a few more cars driving by the church slowly at night, I thought I might investigate a bit further.

Not news to many of you with children is that the virtual reality game requires you to drive or walk about guided by the GPS on your cell phone to find/hunt/collect and fight for Pokemon. Apparently there are teams / gyms at Tommy's, Woody's and St. George by the Sea and from what I can tell, Pokemon pop up with regularity around town.

Reaction on the web from pastors and churches seems quite mixed. Many are delighted that millennials come near their church for any reason and see an opportunity to evangelize. Others are not so sure. Japanese lore about monsters and  Shintoism raise concerns. Guess it would depend on whether the average person hunting for Pokemon is also looking for an answer to life's bigger questions.

I wonder if our cohort plans a Pokemon Outreach Ministry?