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Holy Communion

Parishioners and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion alike are reminded that communicants are to consume the host when it is received. The communicant receiving Eucharist in hand is expected to put the host in his/her mouth in such a way that the Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion can be certain that the person has not carried the host away.

It is proper for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to pause distribution of communion until they confirm that in cases of doubt, the communicant has consumed the host or returns it.

This will help preserve the dignity of the Blessed Sacrament and ensure that no one disposes of a host in an irreverent, sacrilegious manner.

 If you see someone dispose of a consecrated host, please bring it to the attention of an usher, our sacristan or a priest so that the host can be brought to the sacristy and disposed of in the proper manner.

As you may know, since the church teaches that the consecrated hosts becomes the Body and Blood of Christ as long as the appearances of bread remain, even particles or portions of hosts are the Blessed Sacrament. Hosts found in dubious circumstances are not consumed, but dissolved in warm water and poured into a sink in the sacristy which empties directly into the ground ( called a sacrarium) and not into the general plumbing.