Faith in Our Future Preliminary Recommendations for ALL COHORTS
Faith in Our Future Diocesan Update Bulletin

Diocesan Planning Commission's Recommendations For Our Immediate Area

It occurred to me that it might be useful to summarize the findings of the Diocesan Planning Commission's preliminary recommendations for parishes in our cohort and parishes contiguous with Holy Cross. It is automatically assumed that ALL parishes will collaborate

Holy Cross, as you know, is in Cohort 16. St. Agnes/ OLPH is in Cohort 15 and Precious Blood is in Cohort 17.

Holy Family, St. Agnes/OLPH and St Catherine Laboure to link, i.e. have one pastor and separate Finance Councils.

St. Jerome and St. Mary's to merge at the St. Jerome site by 2018. The merged parish to link with St. Michael's.

St. Dorothea's and Precious Blood to link.


Be sure to check the diocesan webpage for the