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Saint Columcille - Holy Cross Window Saint

Today's feast of St. Columcille, one of our window saints at Holy Cross, gives us much to think about. 

Whether banished from Ireland or self-exiled, he left his homeland and pursued his vocation on Iona and in Scotland, ministering to and converting the Picts. His responsibility for the deaths of 3,000 men in the Battle of Cooldrevny, essentially over a dispute with St. Finnian over the copyright to a psalter Finnian owned, motivated him it is said to convert at least as many souls to Christianity.

It is good for us to understand that saints have made mistakes, sinned. Sin doesn't prevent their eventual sanctification, just delays it, perhaps in a way even contributes to it by way of sorrow, compunction and repentance. We can turn away from sin. We can be forgiven, but sin does change things. Columcille left Ireland or had to. His departure didn't ruin his life, it gave him a new direction.

St. Columcille, pray for us.