Finally Fountain Again

Marvelous Molding

One of my great grandfathers was an Irish immigrant who worked as a plumber at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. His son, my grandfather, was more of  a gardener and painter (walls and furniture, not canvases)  than plumber, but we inherited a lot of the tools great grandfather used.

There were all kinds of mysterious tools in the basement of the home in which I grew up, including any manner of rasps, hand drills and bits, miter boxes, assorted moldings, sharpening stones, saws of all kind and drawers of heavy monkey wrenches of all sizes.

My grandfather's solution for almost anything that didn't turn out straight was "put a piece of molding around it." 

Well, we're adopting his solution for the inexplicable gap between the walls and our floor in the new church. After nearly a year of hand-wringing and finger pointing over the responsibility for the flaw, we've finally been able to hire Merrick to fix it by...putting a piece of molding over it.

The molding has already been cut and painted, but it will take a while to install, since each of the columns in the church is an octagon, and those alone will take eight small pieces of precisely mitered molding.

It will surely neaten the appearance of the building.

No more gap.