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May 2016

Suddenly Spring

 2,000 blog post - a nice round number. Here are some blooms around the rectory garden. The prayer garden is a little immature, but the plants there are growing!


Background to foreground: akebia vine, nepeta, bearded iris, sky pencil boxwood, New Dawn climbing rose, white rugosa rose, creeping thyme, shasta daisies, Russian sage, various heirloom roses, Husker's red penstemon
Background to foreground: akebia vine, nepeta, bearded iris, sky pencil boxwood, New Dawn climbing rose, white rugosa rose, creeping thyme, shasta daisies, Russian sage, various heirloom roses, Husker's red penstemon.


Walker's Low nepeta has thrived everywhere I've planted it. This is a three year old specimen.


Lupine from seed.


Fourth of July Climbing Rose


Yarrow, yellow and red


Hops. For a couple of years, this plant puttered along. I think this year it's making it's move!


Three year old Julia Child rose. Extremely fragrant. Deep rich yellow flowers and dark green leaves.


John Paul II rose. He and Julia have been good neighbors.


Study Shows Most Terminal Cancer Patients Have Less Time to Live Than They Think

A study published in the American Journal of Oncology (May 23, 2016) and highlighted by Bioedge reports the hardly surprising news that patients come to a clearer understanding about the prognosis of a fatal cancer after honest and effective communication with their doctors. 

Such communication may not be frequent or effective enough, however.  In this study only 5% of the terminally ill patients at the beginning of the study understood the gravity of their diagnosis. This improved over the six week period in which they were given more informed details about their disease and the likely outcome of chemo or other therapies. The authors of the study rightly worry that without such information, a person may not be able to make timely and appropriate plans for medical care especially hospice. 

Patients may not have the information they need for many reasons: they do not ask; family or physicians are reluctant to tell them; many of the clinicians, caregivers, family or patient may harbor unrealistic expectations of the outcome; fractured lines of communication between specialists and primary care physicians; fear of removing all hope from the suffering.

The authors of the study report conflicting evidence in the literature about the effects of accurate prognostic information on patients' peace of mind and equanimity. Some studies have reported the troublesome reactions we fear when we conspire not to tell someone about the dire nature of their diagnosis, while others report no harm to the psychological or spiritual well being of either the patient or those involved in such direct communication.

The study concludes that accurate, ongoing and  recent communication with oncologists and physicians can inform realistic decisions about end of life care in terminal cancer patients.

How does one balance hope and realistic acceptance? It is surely a spiritual discipline we can practice every day of the Christian journey, especially during times like Lent and around the time of mourning the death of a loved one or friend.

How and when to have these discussions needs prayer above all. The Sacrament of the Sick can be an important help to the dying and their loved ones in not only drawing strength from the presence of Christ and the Holy Spirit, but with wisdom, prudence and courage.



Sea Bright Parking Problems

  000659-0006-000024Beach season officially gets into full gear this weekend, but traffic has already been pretty terrible on the nicer, warmer days of Spring. 

The development of Sea Bright with its new restaurants, expanded beach clubs, etc. have taxed the available parking spaces to the limit and we have already seen night time parkers from visitors to restaurants just a bridge-walk away.

Just a friendly reminder that the church parking lot cannot be a place to find relief from civic unpreparedness or infighting among various for-profit businesses in Sea Bright. 

Other than beach access, the church will continue to be generous in granting permission when asked to use our parking lot for events open to the general public in Sea Bright and in our Rumson neighborhood. 

If in an emergency, you must leave your vehicle in the church lot, permission may be given if asked in a timely way and contact information is left visible on the dashboard so that we may contact you if necessary.





Memorial Day Parade


Holy Cross Parish in The Memorial Day Parade

Please join us in the Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 30th.

All Holy Cross School families and Parish families are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Line up on Blackpoint Rd. between Forrest and Bingham Avenues. at 9:30 AM.

Parade begins at 10 AM.

Please join us with your motorcycle or convertible! All Marchers are Welcome!!


Changes to Religious Education Programs at Holy Cross

Update: Thank you for your quick responses. Enough interest has been expressed in each of the three options, so all will be offered.


Three Options for Religious Education

for Students in Grades 3 –6 000620-0004-000069

Parents with children in grades 3-6 will be receiving a survey asking their interest in three different options for Religious Education next year at Holy Cross:

  • Sunday morning classroom sessions 
  • Online learning models at home.
  • Twice monthly group catechesis and activities on Monday evenings with Fr. Manning, parish staff and volunteer catechists.

More details will be forthcoming once we have an approximate number of students interested in each option.

We hope to continue the best aspects of our religious education program while offering more flexibility in scheduling.

Grades 1-2 and 7-8 are in sacramental preparation years and have more standardized programs which will be detailed on the enrollment forms.


May Crowning of Mary

Holy Cross School children sang in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, recited a decade of the rosary and a litany of some of Mary's many titles and presented flowers brought from their home gardens.

Our first communicants dressed in their communion outfits and presented the flowers along with their 8th grade prayer partners.

It was the first time the statue of Mary on the church shrine was so honored.


Parvuli Dei Medals Awarded at 10:30 AM Sunday Mass


It was great fun to award the Parvuli Dei religious emblem to two of our Cub Scouts. 

The award is given by the Diocese and the Parish as recognition of the scouts work toward the goal of understanding their unique role in family and parish. They are permitted to wear the award on their scouting uniform for the rest of the their time in scouting, including as an adult leader.