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Parish Survey: The Sacramental Life of Holy Cross


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Online Survey

This survey is for our own use. It asks questions pertinent to our new church and policy decisions we need to make in the next few months and years.

Please take the time to complete this survey, which will, among other things, guide mass times for the summer months and beyond.

Comments and questions from some who have already completed the questionnaire prompt some additional explanations:

Sound System:  Our sound system installation has a turbulent history, plagued by undetected electrical surges which were resetting the computerized settings randomly and were detected eventually because the surges caused short circuits in two brand new amplifiers. Since an electrical line filter was installed, the system has been stable. There are two presets, one for weekday when the church is empty, the other for weekends when there are more people in the building. The question should be evaluated using experiences you have within the past two months or so, not in the first couple of months. Each of the speakers can be individually adjusted, so deficiencies in the setup should be noted with as many specific details as possible.

Weddings: One local parish has been willing to reserve wedding times for any couple eligible to marry in the Catholic church regardless of their parish affiliation. Due to the popularity of the shore for wedding receptions, it has been our policy to limit weddings to couples when either the bride or the groom has a connection to Holy Cross Parish or School.

As you can imagine, Holy Cross gets phone calls from brides shopping reception venues at the Jersey Shore and a church to go with them. While allowing non-parishioner weddings may seem hospitable (and a way to help pay for our church mortgage), it would limit the time and dates for weddings available to our own parishioners. Judge accordingly.

 Additional Improvements to the Church: Most of the items on this list were cut from the original church construction budget to save costs and to conform to diocesan guidelines. Additional contributions would be sought for each of these items before the work is authorized to be done.