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Rumson St. Patrick's Day Parade

The Holy Cross parishioners who marched in the Rumson St. Patrick's Day Parade had a great time. This year the wind did not whip through the march and so the banners of our Irish Saints Windows were held high and finished the parade without need of repair for next year.

Thanks to our banner bearers for volunteering their time and energy. This year we added small banners announcing the identity of each of the saints. Even though the saints' names are inscribed on the windows, it is difficult to read them in the short time they pass in review.

Having noticed how many dogs line the parade route with their owners, we tried something new which turned out to be a great hit. Lori LaPlante baked St. Patrick shamrock dog biscuits with all natural ingredients and packaged them beautifully two to a bag. I handed a bag to their owners, almost all of whom seemed surprised and pleased with our offer. Even the dogs seemed to know something good was up for them! We ran out of biscuits less than half way through the line of march. More biscuits next year!

Congratulations to the parade organizers who did a fine job of keeping the parade step off on time and shepherding the numerous marching contingents to their proper places. 

Invocation St. Patrick's Day Parade
A Lucky Shamrock Biscuit Recipient
A Smile for the Camera
Our Lead Banner
Stained Glass Windows on Parade