The Sacred Triduum Begins Tonight
Procession of the Holy Rood on Good Friday

Blessed Easter Sunday 2016!

LightI wish every Catholic had the experience of the Easter Vigil Mass and the Lighting of the Paschal Candle.

Outside the church, in darkness, the Easter Candle is lit from fire, in the "old day" the "new fire," which the priest had to build by striking flint and kindling tinder into a flame --- no matches, or butane lighter! The Easter Candle is then processed into the church in total darkness, shared eventually by priest and the congregation candle, by candle until the entire church is aglow with the Light of Christ. And the Easter Candle, as the exultet proclaims, is divided but undimmed.

The sharing of its flame brings an increase in light, not a decrease.

What a beautiful metaphor for God's love and the best kind of love we share among us.

The Light I share, takes away nothing from me, but adds to Christ's light in the world.

Think of this whenever whatever we have doesn't seem quite enough...

    Enough energy..."Not now..."

    Enough hope..."Now this?"

    Enough patience and perseverance..."Not again?"

    Enough forgiveness..."Never!"

Divided but undimmed

    spread but not thinned...

This is the joyful hope of Easter; let us bask in the Light!

Blessed Easter,

Fr. Manning