Winds Still Whipping at Nightfall
Holy Cross School is Closed Monday, January 25th

Sunday Masses

Brrr. At least the bright sunshine is beautiful and the forecast calls for some warming in the next few days.

The church parking lot is cleared of drifts and the walkways to the south entrances of the church are passable. The main steps are clear.

The barrier-free parking lot and driveway alongside the rectory are closed.

The 10:30 AM and 12 noon masses will be held as usual. The sun will be shining and temperatures will be at their highest.

The 5 PM and the 7 PM masses are cancelled. Come darkness and dropping temps the parking lot will refreeze and be too dangerous.

Keep in mind the conditions of the roads, your personal safety and the admonitions of civic authorities regarding venturing out at all.

We're here.