Gym Closed This Weekend
Winds Still Whipping at Nightfall

Saturday 5 PM and Sunday 8 AM Masses Are Cancelled

At this writing early Saturday morning, the wind conditions and continuing snowfall are making it nearly impossible to foresee when travel will again be safe and when we are able to provide safe parking and clear pathways to the church.

Presuming our ability to clear the lot and walks will eventually succeed, but wishing to get time for us to do so safely, we have cancelled the Saturday 5 PM mass and the Sunday 8 AM mass. 

We will assess the storm's impact later this afternoon or tonight and make decisions about the remainder of Sunday's masses when we can project whether travel is feasible and parking and church walkways are clear.

As you know, Bishop O'Connell has dispensed us from the obligation to attend mass this weekend due to the storm.

Let us be thankful for warmth and shelter and pray for the storm's impact to spare human life.

Fr Manning

PS Please help spread the word on social media regarding the changes to our mass schedule.