Solemnity of Mary, The Mother of God
Vatican Splendors trip to Franklin Institute a Great Trip

Parish Trip to "Splendors of the Vatican" Exhibit at Franklin Institute

Join us on Monday, January 18th for a trip to Philadelphia's Franklin Institute and a tour of the Vatican Splendors exhibit. 

"Vatican Splendors" explores more than 2,000 years of art, historic objects, and ancient documents that illustrate the Vatican's impact on the world.

The exhibit features artwork by Michelangelo, bone fragments of Saints Peter and Paul, and historic objects from both the modern and ancient basilicas of Saint Peter's in Rome.

The evolution of the church is displayed in 11 separate galleries that feature important events, people, and growth in the history of the Vatican.

And P.S. a huge Lego model of the Vatican made by a priest from Pennsylvania.


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