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January 2016

Parish Evaluation Survey for "Faith in Our Future"

As you may know, the Diocese of Trenton has begun a study  process to plan both a short term and long term strategy for allocation of church resources. Faced with the declining number of priests and parishes which are already in debt or running financial deficits, facilities to repair and maintain and changing demographics, some difficult decisions will have to be made to effectively serve the local church.

Our Parish Core Team has developed this questionnaire to help in the data collection process in which they are engaged for reporting to the diocese and neighboring parishes. A cohort of parishes has been designated for our area to include: Holy Cross, Precious Blood, Nativity, St. Anthony and St. James.

The team has been hard at work compiling an accurate parish profile and in March will begin to meet with the core teams from our cohort parishes to share the data and begin discussions on what kind of collaborative efforts can be undertaken in this region.

If you a registered parishioner of Holy Cross, please take our survey to help in the evaluation process.

Thank you.




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Three Cheers

Three cheers for Francisco, Eduardo, Jose and Roger who worked persistently to clear our parking lot and walkways from snow even at it was falling, blowing and drifting!

Please drive and walk carefully in the parking lot, as the warming and refreezing temperatures will make it unpredictably slippery for a while.

Also thanks to the Borough of Rumson for opening the park across the street early and giving people enough time to bring their cars to this place of refuge.

Because our lot was clear of vehicles, we were able to clear it much more quickly and efficiently and have it ready for church and school.


Sunday Masses

Brrr. At least the bright sunshine is beautiful and the forecast calls for some warming in the next few days.

The church parking lot is cleared of drifts and the walkways to the south entrances of the church are passable. The main steps are clear.

The barrier-free parking lot and driveway alongside the rectory are closed.

The 10:30 AM and 12 noon masses will be held as usual. The sun will be shining and temperatures will be at their highest.

The 5 PM and the 7 PM masses are cancelled. Come darkness and dropping temps the parking lot will refreeze and be too dangerous.

Keep in mind the conditions of the roads, your personal safety and the admonitions of civic authorities regarding venturing out at all.

We're here.



Winds Still Whipping at Nightfall





We'll announce decisions about tomorrow's masses after daybreak tomorrow.

IMG_9901 IMG_9903

Reminder: The 8 AM Sunday mass has been cancelled in order to give us time to clear the parking lot and walkways if possible. If the storm is still in full force, more adjustments to the schedule may be necessary. Check blog tomorrow AM.

Let us pray for everyone's safety.


Saturday 5 PM and Sunday 8 AM Masses Are Cancelled

At this writing early Saturday morning, the wind conditions and continuing snowfall are making it nearly impossible to foresee when travel will again be safe and when we are able to provide safe parking and clear pathways to the church.

Presuming our ability to clear the lot and walks will eventually succeed, but wishing to get time for us to do so safely, we have cancelled the Saturday 5 PM mass and the Sunday 8 AM mass. 

We will assess the storm's impact later this afternoon or tonight and make decisions about the remainder of Sunday's masses when we can project whether travel is feasible and parking and church walkways are clear.

As you know, Bishop O'Connell has dispensed us from the obligation to attend mass this weekend due to the storm.

Let us be thankful for warmth and shelter and pray for the storm's impact to spare human life.

Fr Manning

PS Please help spread the word on social media regarding the changes to our mass schedule.


Storm Advisory for Rumson

The Borough of Rumson has announced that storm parking will be available on the Rumson park at the corner of Ward and Rumson Avenue.

There is NO STORM PARKING in the church parking lot, so that our lot may be kept plowed and available as soon as the storm has passed. Vehicles abandoned on church or school property are subject to towing.

Parish Offices will close at 12 noon on Friday and plan to reopen for regularly scheduled hours on Monday.

At this time, all masses are planned as scheduled.

Keep checking here for further details as circumstances warrant.

Vatican Splendors trip to Franklin Institute a Great Trip

Thank  you to everyone who braved the frost and chill to travel with us to Philadelphia today to view the Vatican Splendor exhibit at the Franklin Institute.

Though the weather threatened cancellation of our trip, the day's weather was bright and sunny and the roads were well salted and ice-free. There was no significant traffic and our going and coming was smooth; we were warm and cozy in our bus.

IMG_9803Visitors are greeted by a 4 times life size marble sculpture of Benjamin Franklin dedicated at the museum by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller.

Immediately inside the lobby is the lego replica of the Vatican constructed by a lego-hobbyist priest.

Fr. Manning was checking to see if the pope was home.

He was!
IMG_9879A brick from the Holy Door at the Vatican Basilica 1983.

IMG_9803A cast from St. John Paul II's hand in life.


Our intrepid voyagers return home from a satisfying day.

Thanks to our bus driver for taking this photo!




Parish Trip to "Splendors of the Vatican" Exhibit at Franklin Institute

Join us on Monday, January 18th for a trip to Philadelphia's Franklin Institute and a tour of the Vatican Splendors exhibit. 

"Vatican Splendors" explores more than 2,000 years of art, historic objects, and ancient documents that illustrate the Vatican's impact on the world.

The exhibit features artwork by Michelangelo, bone fragments of Saints Peter and Paul, and historic objects from both the modern and ancient basilicas of Saint Peter's in Rome.

The evolution of the church is displayed in 11 separate galleries that feature important events, people, and growth in the history of the Vatican.

And P.S. a huge Lego model of the Vatican made by a priest from Pennsylvania.


The sublime and the whimsical...