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On Cry Rooms And Babysitting

As you may know, great care was taken in designing the church to provide multiple, easily accessible areas where parents could temporarily bring fussing children, yet still hear and see mass. Three such glass enclosed areas are within the church: one at each of the entrances in the transept and the gathering space and the baptistery in the narthex of the church.

One of the areas (the north transept) is temporarily being used as a construction office, but will be available whenever the church is fully turned over to us. Meantime the narthex and the south transept will serve.

The thinking was that these quiet, readily accessible areas would diminish the need for baby sitting during the 10:30 mass. Perhaps it’s a little early to discern any patterns, but we would still like to assess the need.

If you would regularly use babysitting during the 10:30 AM mass, please let us know by either contacting Lori LaPlante in the Parish Office or indicate on the survey link below.

Babysitting Question