Round Window Sealed!
Chapel Ambo In Temporary Use

Holy Door Sealing and Blessing On Sunday After 10:30 AM Mass


Join us for the blessing and sealing of the Holy Door for the Year of Mercy after the 10:30 AM mass on Sunday here at Holy Cross.

As you know, Pope Francis has given local bishops permission to have a Holy Door at their cathedral and other places of visitation throughout the diocese. We are blessed to have been given permission to have a Holy Door for the Year of Mercy here at Holy Cross. We have chosen the exterior door at the southwest exo-narthex.

Not only does the door show solidarity and union with the catholic, universal church throughout the world, but it stands as a sign of God's mercy and the path to salvation through Jesus Christ and His Church.

The door will be sealed this Sunday in anticipation of its joyful official opening for the year of Mercy beginning on December 8th 2015.

We will mark the door with the Papal and Episcopal (Bishop's) Seals. Visits to churches with Holy Doors during the Year of Mercy are a pious way of expressing our gratitude for Christ's mercy and of receiving special graces. More information about these graces or indulgences will be posted near the door and in the church.