Catholic Schools Mass in Trenton with Bishop O'Connell
October 2015 Living Rosary In Church Prayer Garden

Church Punchlist

Much work is still being done on the church.

  • You may have seen workers cutting down the concrete bollards for the lights to ground level.
  • Some electrical and plumbing work is still being finished. 
  • Delivery of the round window for the steeple on Ward Avenue was accepted.
  • Hardware and doors for Ward Avenue doors are on hand.
  • Sound system engineers have given us two sound settings: one for weekend masses and one for daily mass. If you have difficulty hearing clearly, please note where you were sitting and either jot me a note, or tell someone who can get a message. The settings are quite adjustable. On their next visit, technicians will install a remote tuner for the system so they can adjust settings over the internet. They will also install the system for the hearing impaired to use with headsets.
  • Plans have been finalized for the garden pergola and work should proceed when all materials are on hand.
  • The Holy Cross Shrine cross will be rebuilt and located in front of the old Ward Avenue entrance (in the hole which is now covered with a traffic cone).
  • The fence between the playground field and the church will be installed next week.
  • Progress on the handrail to the ambo and on the steps leading into the main entrance is still delayed. We are trying to expedite these things.
  • As you notice, the crosses are still not atop the steeple nor the gable facing the playground.  The crosses are repaired and gilded and waiting in the rectory garage. We are waiting too...