Almost 50 Altar Servers to Participate in Saturday's Dedication Mass
Grass Is Growing Greener





Welcome parishioners and guests for this long anticipated and joyful day!

The Rite of Dedication and Mass begins at 

4 PM

in the church

A reception of light fare follows immediately

in the Parish Gymatorium


The main entry Church doors  will open at 3:45 PM.

Guests are invited to gather in the garden courtyard until then.



  • Barrier free parking spaces may be in high demand. There are four spaces in the courtyard behind the rectory, accessible by the driveway which runs between the church and the rectory. The doors on the north side of the church are barrier free.
  • Parking spaces near the entry ramp door are located in the driveway alongside the rectory lawn and along the street on Ward Avenue. These are the best spots for avoiding stairs.
  • Barrier free parking spaces are also designated in the main parking lot. Should the entry ramp be required, it can be accessed by taking the walkway through the garden past the Ward Avenue “old entrance” and around to the ramp on the north side of the church..
  • Those requiring extra time for seating can be accommodated early through the entry door adjacent to the handicapped accessible courtyard alongside the rectory.
  • Our donor memorial book will be on display but has not yet been inscribed with donor names. The memorial plaques will be in place under all the windows whose donors have completed their pledges. 
  • Nearly all the paver bricks have been installed in the prayer garden. Some of the more recently ordered bricks will be on view, but not yet installed in the path.