Getting Ready....
Wedding Annulments and the Diocese of Trenton from Bishop O'Connell

Rite of Dedication of a New Church

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The Rite of Dedication Bishop of O'Connell will pray mirrors the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion.

  • The building will be opened and formally presented to the bishop as head of the local church. The architect's plans, a model of the church building and the keys to the church are the items which will be given to the bishop by representatives of McCrery Architects, "A Time to Build" Capital Campaign and our Parish Finance Council. The building will not be decorated or illuminated with candles and will have no holy water in the stoups or baptismal font.
  • The church, the building and the people, will be sprinkled with holy water blessed by the bishop. Be prepared...there will be several ministers to sprinkle everything!
  • The new marble altar will then be anointed with Sacred Chrism as will four walls of the church near the consecration candles in the transept.
  • Mass will proceed in the usual manner and the worship space will be gradually lit and dressed for liturgy.
  • After reception of Holy Communion, the Blessed Sacrament will be reposed in the tabernacle and the sanctuary lamps will be lit (probably later because they are so high!)

I think praying the liturgy with this general framework in mind will add not only to our understanding of the liturgy, but also to its JOY.

 P.S. How could I forget?? Incense, lots of incense...the whole church: people and building!