Countdown to Dedication...
Two New Stained Glass Windows For Baptistery

Last Weekend Masses in "Gymatorium"

FarewellI suspect most parishioners will not miss worshiping God in a gym, however upscale the gym might be. When we constructed the new facility we were careful to incorporate some features which would set it apart from a simple gymnasium in consideration not only for its varied use by the school and parish, but also since we anticipated celebrating weekend masses there when the new church was under construction. That time turned out to be longer than we hoped, but it not only served our needs, but those of the school and parish as well.

All of our parish community will still share the "gymatorium," built with generous donations from school families and parishioners alike.

Thanks to our staff and the legions of volunteers who set up and put away countless numbers of chairs countless number of times for mass, weekend basketball games and other events.