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August 2015

Prayer Garden Pavers in Place




All the prayer garden pavers which were fully paid by the end of June have been placed in prayer garden. Stop by and inspect the walk after the masses on Sunday to locate your paver and be sure the spelling is correct.

Many other pavers are in reserve pending fulfillment of the pledge. Paver bricks can be reserved at any time; it doesn't take too long to receive a brick once it is ordered. There is plenty of room for as many bricks are we please.


From the Rite of Dedication of a Church

Because the church is a visible building, it stands as a special sign of the pilgrim Church on earth and reflects the Church dwelling in heaven.

When a church is erected as a building destined solely and permanently for assembling the people of God and for carrying out sacred functions, it is fitting that it be dedicated to God with a solemn rite in accordance with the ancient custom of the Church.

A church should be "dignified, evincing a noble beauty...and stand as a sign and symbol of heavenly realities."

Rite of Dedication of a Church

Chapter 2, Introduction

Holy Cross Men's Group

Holy Cross is forming a men’s community within the Parish, which will provide opportunities for spiritual and personal growth, service outreach to the Holy Cross Parish community, and social interaction. Formation planning is underway, including spiritual structure, meeting and event scheduling, and objective setting to
enhance the community of Holy Cross Parish.

Inaugural meeting of the Men’s Group is currently scheduled for
Thursday, September 24, from 6 - 8 PM at Holy Cross Church.

Holy Cross Men – Please Save The Date. Additional Information to Follow!

Eventful Week



Red cedar columns have finally arrived (unprimed!).

IMG_1559Preparation for the new sidewalk in front of rectory and driveway to accessible parking.

  Colorful and fragrant assortment of perennials


IMG_1540Rectory front lawn graded with sprinkler system almost ready
IMG_1540Driveway and parking lot pavement disrupted during this phase of construction will be re-paved.
IMG_1540Our brick wall is undergoing unanticipated repairs.

Thank You To Parishioners Who Toured Church

Thank you so much for your interest and enthusiasm in taking our walk-through tours on Saturday and Sunday after the masses. I'll say it again, it's so good to see people in the church! Your comments were helpful and emphasized the importance of our attending to a few of the things on our "to do" list.

Today is a bee hive of activity with landscaping and laying more concrete pathways, a visit from the woodworker who has completed the ambo and the lectern and painters everywhere! There should be many great pictures by the end of the day.


Garden Pergola Memorial Columns


In thinking over a way to finance the garden pergola, it was decided to offer memorial nameplates for each column to encourage giving and make achieving the total amount needed for the pergola a more realistic possibility. 

Memorial namesake plates can be affixed to a column at the donor's preference for a donation of $ 5,000. A limited number of columns are available. Donations can be made at any time as long as columns remain available, but earlier subscriptions will help us make a commitment to the contractor's bid.

The columns are American red cedar and will be square instead of as pictured. The pergola will be illuminated at night.

Please call the Parish Office for more information or to reserve a column.