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High Socioeconomic Status Brings Risk of Excessive Drinking with Aging

British researchers found a silent epidemic of heavy drinking among the affluent and otherwise healthy aging population they studied. Alice Walton reported the study originally published in the British Medical Journal in a recent issue of Forbes magazine.(July 24, 2015)

Curiously, those who were non-smokers, with better overall health, with higher income, more education and active social networks tended to be heavy drinkers. Alcohol risk factors for women include higher income levels and retirement, while for men increased risk factors appeared to peak in their mid 60's and are associated with being single, separated or divorced. 

The authors worry that education about the harmful risk of heavy drinking is not reaching this well-educated, affluent group of people. Perhaps higher income and relatively good physical health give a false sense of security against the risk of drinking. Whatever the reasons,  it makes good sense to take all prudent measures we know contribute to good health and to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol at any age.