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July 2015

After the Workers Go Home

IMG_1378Electricians were still at work installing the lighting bollards.
IMG_1378Most of the steel handrails are installed.
IMG_1378The Irish Saints side of the nave.
IMG_1378The final coat of paint is on the reredos; the sanctuary itself will be repainted.
IMG_1378The light was good to capture Michael and Joseph.
IMG_1378The penitent's side of the confessional. The confessionals are the only places which are carpeted.

Woo Hoo, Bluestone Caps

IMG_1329More of the sanctuary floor is completed.
IMG_1329St. Patrick is back in place now that the broken exterior window is fixed.
IMG_1329The Holy Rood ready to be hung above the main altar
IMG_1329The shingles and bluestone give a dignified, more finished appearance to the entire building.
IMG_1329One of the bluestone caps on the stairways.
IMG_1329The air conditioner units are just about ready to be fired up.
IMG_1329Emergency gas powered generator will keep the church powered (sump pumps, heating, etc.) in case of an electric power failure. 

Naked Ambo

Our woodworker sent photos of his progress on the ambo and the lectern, both of which you may have seen during one of the many church tours. As you recall, the ambo is from St. Francis Church in Philadelphia c. 1920's and the lectern from the Netherlands c. 1850.

The wood will be refinished to complement the pews and woodtrim.


Reredos Painted And Near Finished Look


The first coat of paint on the reredos above the Blessed Sacrament Altar.

Workers began the floor in the sanctuary, continued the connection of the air conditioning units and completed the fountain and outside statue pedestal. The stairwells await delivery of the bluestone caps above the handrails. No date is scheduled yet for the pouring of the garden walkways and sidewalk.

The fence contractor was on site today to review the specifications for the fences around the playground equipment and the rectory front yard. He took measurements and will make suggestions for ways to isolate the western facade of the church from activity during school lunchtime and recess.

Wednesday a well driller will determine the best location for an in ground well for irrigation purposes on the campus. 



Last Call For Prayer Garden Pavers In Time for Dedication

Time is running out to place an order for a Prayer Garden Paver to arrive in time for the church dedication on September 19th. We will be adding to the garden pavers on a continuing basis, but orders to arrive in time for the dedication need to be placed soon so the bricks can be printed and on hand to lay.

Click on the Paver Link in the right column for an online reservation form.


Reredos Completed

Today carpenters finished the reredos above the Blessed Sacrament altar. It will be painted an off white to complement the marble of the Main altar of Sacrifice.

Once the protective layer on the thermal window is completely removed, it will admit light around the top and the side of the reredos as you can see now on the left side.

The reredos is still available as a worthy and beautiful memorial donation.


Midweek Progress Third Week of July

Work is moving quickly as we prepare for building inspections and occupancy. The refinished baptismal font is now in place; carpenters are putting the finishing touches on the main altar reredos; all three interior marble statues are in place; the stone masons are continuing work on the garden fountain and expect to have it completed by the end of the week.

  IMG_1296Both columns and one of the two pilasters are now in place.
IMG_1296Green marble baptismal font.
IMG_1296The base of the garden fountain takes shape.
IMG_1296The painters begin painting the exterior doors.