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Church Dedication Postponed

Sadly, it is necessary to postpone the June date for our new church dedication. Yesterday afternoon, we were informed by our construction manager from Scozarri Builders that since the floor tiles have only begun to be laid, the building cannot be ready in a timely way. The delay will likely be only a couple of weeks, but that depends on a realistic assessment of the time needed for each subcontractor to complete their work, especially as the flooring progresses. Possible dates then need to be coordinated with the bishop's office to schedule the ceremony. Bishop O'Connell has been most understanding and flexible.

As soon as we can announce a new date, we will. Keep praying! 

Thanks, as always, for your enthusiasm and support. Our new church will be so beautiful and so worth the wait.

Fr Manning


Can Someone Please Rescue our Round Window?

Plans to replace the panes in our round window on Ward Avenue have to be changed as workmen have decided that the window frames cannot be patched and will not likely survive the removal of the broken glass. Now that the organ pipes have been removed, the window is illuminated brightly at night and helps retain the historic character of the church facing Ward Avenue. A donor or donors to restore this window are needed and would be very much appreciated.

Here are the architect's drawings for two versions of window frames. The simple round frame would be less expensive. Please call the Parish Office for details on this worthy restoration memorial.

Version A (left); Version B (right)


No sidewalks, no floors, no air conditioner, no pews. No time?

No hope? Hard to say. Though we've been disappointed before, we're still seriously preparing for the June 20th dedication date with a reassessment the first week of June.

The construction trailer, which we were so happy to see arrive, has finally left and I think I'm even happier to see it go. Our construction manager from Scozzari Builders  has set up his office in the the cry comment.

After the trailer was removed this morning, workers began tearing up the remaining part of the old driveway which was being used as a parking pad and entry for the construction site. 


Memorial Day

In_remembranceIt is fitting to bring to mind the history of the national holiday we are about to celebrate this Monday, Memorial Day. (see for example, US Department of Veteran Affairs ) Originally celebrated for the dead soldiers in the American Civil War, after World War I the day of observance became a day to remember those who have died in any war in which America fought. Some may remember the day being called "Decoration Day" for the original tradition of placing flowers on the graves of the war dead. 

Since 2000 a national effort has been underway to observe a moment of silence at 3 PM to remember the war dead.

"O God, our Father, endless source of life and peace, welcome into Your merciful embrace the fallen of ...wars that have bloodied the earth. Grant that they may enjoy the light that does not fail, which in the reflection of Your splendor illumines the consciences of all men and women of good will.                                    Pope Benedict XVI

No Floors Yet

Lots of little things today: some more of the stone sanctuary stairway, a large delivery of floor tile and additional grading of the site. 

No work has yet started on laying the floors and this could be a problem, as could the delay in removing the construction trailers from the site. Additional grading and landscaping cannot be carried out with the trailers in place. Neither has the air conditioning equipment been delivered, much less installed.  This week those paint colors not yet selected will be chosen, for example the exterior doors, the narthex ceiling and a few other places. One section of the narthex ceiling has been painted gold to assess. 


Here is the gold ceiling color. Yes or No?


Some topsoil in place for the garden

Altar Servers to Help Install Relics in Main Altar on Wednesday

Those altar servers who wish to help Fr. Manning install the relics of the saints we have had in our previous altars here at Holy Cross will be led to the church on Wednesday morning to perform this holy service.

We have not been successful in discovering which saints these relics come from, but they were present in our altar stones from the original altars of Holy Cross Church, Holy Rosary Church and the convent chapel altar. 

A small compartment has been fashioned into the marble of the side of the altar into which they will be sealed - hopefully for a very long time. Previously the relics were encased into the mensa, or table surface of the altar but the Roman missal no longer calls for cuts to be made in this now seamless piece of marble.


No Sunday 12 Noon Masses for Summer

Just a reminder to everyone that the Summer Mass schedule takes effect the Memorial Day Weekend. The noon mass disappears from the summer schedule to accommodate the earlier activity of parishioners during the summer months and to avoid the snarling beach traffic which begins shortly after noon. 

Since our Sunday 5 PM mass was begun last fall, it will be an experiment to see how well attended our Sunday 5 PM mass is during the summer.


Holy Cross Church Dedication June 20th

Believe it or not, plans are still full speed ahead for the dedication of our beautiful new church on Saturday June 20th during a 3 PM mass with Bishop O'Connell.

Not everything will be finished, but the essentials of the building will be there and with the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and the People of Holy Cross with our diocesan bishop, we will have all we need!

Workers will still depend on good weather to accomplish the transformation of the grounds and installation of necessary pavement and driveways. Inside the church, it is largely a matter of coordinating the many different sub contractors to enable them to complete their tasks.

The stone work is amazing and I can't wait to see the floors. Just as the stained glass windows transformed the space, so will the stone and ceramic floors. 

Marble, Marble Everywhere

Rugo stone workers are in the church and received delivery on Friday of all our interior statues and altar marble. 

The lift to position marble on altar base


The mensa or table top of the altar


The front marble of the altar awaiting placement


Mary and Joseph (in the second crate)


Mary's features are delicate and beautiful


The Sacred Heart