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April 2015

Steady Progress

Workers strive to finish ceilings and lighting so that the laying of the floors can begin. Most of the hanging lights in the church have been installed.


IMG_0069The location of the lectern, or cantor's stand is determined and marked. The lectern is hand carved, antique wood from the Netherlands c. 1850.

IMG_0076The bluestone on the southwest stairway to the exo-narthex is laid.

IMG_0065The thermal window is not yet finished, but already the golden illumination which floods the sanctuary ceiling is spectacular.

IMG_0067The first unobstructed and unwrapped view of the new "Mary, Mother of the Church" window.

IMG_0070The Ascension Window in the south sanctuary with one of the Pelican Christ images in the church.

Additional Stained Glass Windows for Memorials

Beyer Studio has informed us they have enough remaining glass we own from St. Francis Church to compose two new windows. They will be located in the gathering  space on the parish field side of the church. On the church tours, many of you have seen how potentially distracting the clear windows are.  These stained glass windows will be beautiful, match the colors of the other historic glass and serve as a complement to the True Cross Window so vivid and colorful in the choir loft.

A memorial offering of $ 15,000 for both windows will include a donor acknowledgement under the window. 


Help Turn This


Into This!

ExonarthexWindows for Gathering Space / Baptistery


Curbs look ready for pouring

I know, it's a tight squeeze. The driveway will be two-way traffic with the pull-over lane actually impinging on the rectory's old lawn. May my successors forgive me everytime someone's headlights shine right into the dining room!



Handicapped accessible parking lot with ramp to north transept door or graded sloped to narthex.

Even on the bare concrete floor, the sun washing through the St. Elizabeth of Hungary window is beautiful.


Blessed Virgin Mary Window in Place

Workers from Beyer Studio installed the last of our full-sized stained glass windows today, the Blessed Virgin Mary as Theotokos, Mother of God. She stands at the northwest corner of the nave crossing and is a fitting conclusion to installation of our full complement of stained glass windows both from St. Francis Church and those we have newly commissioned. 


Rugo Stone to Arrive Monday with Precious Cargo


Workers from Rugo Stone will arrive on Monday with quite a number of precious items for Holy Cross Church. Many months ago, they had completed the repairs to the three marble statues, St. Joseph, St. Mary and the Sacred Heart and they will be returned to us looking better than new. They have also restored the green marble baptismal font for our gathering space/baptistery area and they will be bringing the marble for our new main altar. They will also be doing the work on the limestone foundation of our garden fountain.



Go Ahead for the Garden Pergola

It makes good sense to install the garden pergola while there is construction going on around the church  instead of waiting until we have all the necessary funds.

It will help define a division between the parking lot and the church walkways and garden without presenting a true barrier. The vines and plantings for which it provides shelter will cool and beautify our garden.

Hopeful that one or more persons will come forward and offer donations for the pergola, we have committed to its installation.

Please call the Parish Office or take one of our memorial brochures after mass for more details.


Traffic Alert

Some additional tree removal and site work will begin tomorrow morning. Most notably, the partly dead large tree at the end of the driveway in front of the carriage house will be removed. During the work, access to the church parking lot from the Ward Avenue entrance will be impeded. 

The work is scheduled to be completed by the time the parking for the 5 PM Saturday evening mass begins, but be alert to the possibility of new traffic patterns in the parking lot and please be patient as we make whatever adjustments are necessary for this brief interruption.

Thank you!


Holy Cross Receives Mayor's Spirit Award for St. Patrick's Day Parade

Thanks to all the parishioners who helped carry the Irish saint banners high during the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Our participation in the parade was noted with the Mayor's Spirit Award, Best Marching Unit. Fr. Manning, Sue Symington, Eugenia Kelly and Jim Hinckley were present to accept the award at a ceremony last evening in Molly Maguire's Black Point Inn. 

It was terrific that everyone got a chance to preview the saints' windows during the parade before they can be viewed in the church...but that opportunity is coming soon!