Interior Painters to Work Weekend
Church Paint Colors

With Due Apology to Shel Silverstein's "I WILL NOT HATCH"


You've got to hatch, you've got to hatch
The shell that protects you
Has grown way too small
If you stay hidden inside its wall
No one will see you, no one at all

What if Jesus converted his tomb
Into a sturdy stone fort
Strengthened its wall
And sealed it door
"Those sinners won’t get to me anymore. "


His Father would ask him
"They why were you born
And why did you die?
So that no one would see you
Unless they’re a spy?"

So Christ burst through the tomb
And rose to the sky
Thousands have seen him
And that’s no lie

You've got to hatch, you've got to hatch
When you’re afraid
Don’t stay in your shell
Come follow Christ
And all will be well