With Due Apology to Shel Silverstein's "I WILL NOT HATCH"
Bishop O'Connell Back At His Desk

Church Paint Colors

The painter has his painting orders for a good portion of the church interior. They do make good progress once they get everything set up. The stained glass windows are all protected. They painted a portion of the transept and ceiling vault with trial colors, which were approved after one adjustment. I hope that the weather cooperates this weekend; last weekend they were actually painting on Saturday and Sunday until late afternoon, so we couldn't sneak a peek. 

The color combination is very handsome and will complement the floor tiles, the wood of the pews and the kneeler and sanctuary furniture upholstery. 

We'll get some good pictures soon, but here are the colors so far:


walls and ceiling vaults

side aisle ceilings

actually a custom mix of these two greys for the columns and ceiling arches.