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January 2015

Rainy Mondays for Working Indoors

Progress on steps up to the sanctuary


North transept completed


North confessional flooring, priest's side


View across sanctuary, north to south


Stairwell up to the sacristy storage area

There is an on-site meeting with architect and construction manager on Wednesday afternoon. Stay tuned for more definitive news on estimated date of completion and other news.


Something to Sit On

The fabric which matches the pads on our freestanding kneelers and the kneelers in the pews was delivered so we can re-ulphoster our sanctuary furniture. Some matching custom stain was also sent to the furniture refinisher.


Stained end panels
Stained end panels
Frontal screens
Frontal screens


Kneeler upholstery (dot in right corner)
Upholstery for kneelers and sanctuary chairs


Prie dieux
Freestanding wedding kneelers

Tuesday Snow

Work began on the steps into the sanctuary today.


By the end of the day, a major portion of the North transept ceiling was installed.


Storeroom above the sanctuary where the old organ was located. The architect proposed it as a room for the altar servers in which to vest. We think we'll use part of the basement for that purpose.


A winch in the sacristy is attached to a cable in the dome which can be raised or lowered with liturgical items, e.g. our Christmas wreath. The windows facing Ward Avenue have been covered temporarily for their protection from the construction in the room. 


View from the sanctuary toward the parish field.

Free again!


Pendentives on the Way


The barrel vault arches for the North transept and the sanctuary are set to be delivered this week, including the pendentives to complete the dome. Pendentives are the curved triangular pieces  which will fill the spaces you see in this photo and cover the remaining foil insulation. It will be exciting to see the full dome take shape and the ceiling complete...then on to the floors.




Half of the north transept complete as of Tuesday morning.


Less exciting news is that St. John (in our crucifixion scene) underwent successful surgery to repair some old damage to his right wrist and index finger.


The vesting sacristy is taking shape.


The rescue crew for the high-lift is due today.


I think this is the first snow on the roof...



Holy Cross' New Cross

The woodworkers delivered the statue pedestals and the Rood group. Those who attended the Vigil mass helped with unwrapping the many layers of protective foam and bubble wrap. The craftsmanship is exceptional. 

Holy Rood
It took quite a while to remove the wrappings


The church bathed in blue light for Mary, The Mother of God