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December 2014

Chop Wood, Carry Water

191113_santasplitwood11_13Today I was reminded of this expression when reading about Saint Sabas, a saint Waterman3-07whose feast is celebrated in the Eastern church today. A luminary figure in the early Eastern monasticism, his advice to those seeking the path to holiness was "chop wood, carry water." 

It's a great reminder that our path to holiness is found in the ordinary events of our life, sometimes in chores or responsibilities that we find routine or even boring. One of the children at today's daily mass even suggested that the water Sabas lovingly carried became holy water. Carry on.

Come Home For Christmas


Advent watchfulness for Christmas is a perfect season for extending an invitation and a warm welcome to those who attend church seldom or never.

We are all called to be evangelists! Let us use this season of hospitality to reach out to family, loved ones, neighbors and friends to rekindle a relationship with Christ through community – the Body of Christ at worship. Sadly our new home will not be ready in time, but our hearts can be warm and welcoming and our worship filled with expectant joy.

Extend an invitation to someone to join you at mass this advent. Christmas will mean so much more!

Blessed Advent


Advent 2014

Advent watchfulness is a spiritual resource for every day of our lives: The dared for hope that not only has Jesus come in history, but will come again to close it with his twofold reign of mercy and justice. Most of our institutions and only the occasional Solomon among us get the tension between justice and mercy right in this life. Our Christian joy is that Christ will.

Realizing that we fall short is no excuse for not trying, but instead a frank admission that even our best efforts will be lacking or careen between strict accountability and unconditional amnesty. From the age of three we begin noticing everything that isn’t fair and never stop. A strong hope in Christ’s coming assuages our anxiety and spurs us into action to correct whatever injustice we can and help those afflicted by it in the meantime.

Even as we begin preparing for the commemoration of Christ’s Incarnation, let us nourish our hope for Christ’s divine merciful justice in time to come. Come, Lord Jesus.

Fr Manning