Blessed Christmas!
Church Tours in 2015

Meantime...the Lord must build this house

The top of the interior dome has been attached. The orange weight is attached to a winch which can be raised and lowered to hang objects (e.g. Christmas wreath) from the ceiling.
View from the altar
View from the courtyard

I hope you saw some of the Christmas lights inside the church. New LEDs make it possible to change the lights to any color(s) and in any sequence. These lights will eventually be placed downstairs to allow us to control the basement lights in pleasing sunlight or natural light colors when desired instead of the glaring flourescent for everyday use. We'll probably leave the colors running until they install the church fixtures.

A skeleton crew was working on Friday and workers put in a half day on Thursday. There is still much to accomplish. Understandably, but unhappily, the construction manager is now calling off vendors who have completed or are about to complete their tasks and giving them more time for things like pews, the installation of the altar, statues, etc. We'll need to get a handle on the message he's giving them lest they become the source of even more delay.

Thank you to those who have expressed understanding and encouragement during this phase of the project, which comes with its own frustrations. I can only imagine what it must take in oversight to get a project in on time and on budget: oversight of the overseerers of the overseers..."of the house that Jack built."

Anyhow, the Lord must build this house, with our help. My prayers for a joyful 2015.