Meantime...the Lord must build this house
Rembrandt's Simeon

Church Tours in 2015

3 D model of Holy Cross Church
3 D Model of Holy Cross Church

A few impromptu tours of the church went well over this past weekend, so we can resume them in the New Year depending on the weather. Bitter cold or wet/icy conditions on the job site would postpone any tours. No sign ups are needed, as the tours will be announced at the end of mass whenever they are being led. 

More ceiling barrel vault forms were delivered today, as workers had already installed all the pieces on hand. As you have seen from the pictures, the nave ceiling is complete. Once the forms are in place, they need to be spackled and painted. 

Our Holy Rood (Cross) will be delivered this Wednesday along with the three wooden pedestals for the marble indoor statues of the Sacred Heart, St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary.