Interior Panorama of Church
Doors and Ceilings

Work at the End of the Church Liturgical Year

Application of insulation and sprinkler system in North transept


Several of the clear windows in the narthex

DSCN3506 DSCN3509

Restrooms galore


Elevator cable and shaft


When you take a picture in the dark, you never know what you'll find! HVAC in the basement.

Many crews of workers have been on the construction site over the last several weeks. More drains and underground conduits were installed. The shingling of the building continues. On the south side it's great to see how the recessed arches around the windows look now that they are shingled. 

Most of the progress on the inside of the building has been in the ceiling and the basement: finishing the insulation and sprinkler system so that the barrel vault ceilings and dome can be installed, and tiling the downstairs rest rooms. 

The door openings have been closed off with heavy duty plastic and there is some portable heat in the basement to help the tile cement dry. The electricity has been switched on and the gas is next to come. 

A timely generous donation has enabled us to upgrade all the floor tiles in the upper church to ceramic and stone.