Church Construction Completion Restimate
Church Basement

Church Project Update: Laetare Sunday Dedication

There has been a lot of activity on the northwest side of the church not visible to most. The underground electric cables and the air conditioning lines are being installed. The new transformer for the church is humming with electric power. Electric power to the rectory will be routed through the church, as per JCP&L; that switchover will occur soon. 

Meantime, the shinglers have expedited their work and have been here with two crews on Saturdays in an effort to complete the job before the weather turns really cold. Priority inside the church has been to complete the ceiling  insulation and sprinkler system. Discussions between building inspector, contractor and architect resulted in several weeks of delay until it was clear how the job had to be modified to comply with the inspectors new instructions that the attic be fully sprinkled. As you know, all modifications cost time and money. 

Once the sprinklers and insulations have been fully installed, the dome and the vault ceiling arches can be hung. Hopefully the construction crews will ready the space so that the contractors who are supplying our liturgical needs (the altar, the pew, the stained glass windows, etc.) can begin work as soon as possible.

 Bishop O'Connell will dedicate our new church on Laetare Sunday, the 4th Sunday in Lent. Pray that we complete our project in God's good time.