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Our Church Tour Guides Get A Tour

Thank you to the group of parishioners who volunteered to be tour guides whom you will meet if you are able to attend our parish picnic.

2014-09-11 16.43.36
It looks good to see parishioners in the church!

2014-09-11 16.43.36
2014-09-11 16.43.36

Change both inside and outside the building are accelerating as we near the completion of the project. Work has been proceeding on the stairways and access ramps with excavation, concrete pouring and laying of concrete block. 

We will be able to enter the church via the old front doors for a walk around the perimeter of the ground floor. The choir loft and basement are off limits, as the metal frames for the stairs have not yet been filled with concrete and the elevator has not been installed.

Come join us for 12 noon mass and the picnic which follows. Sign up for a tour while you spend some relaxing time with fellow parishioners.