Framing the Reredos and Thermal Window in Sanctuary
Marble Statues Restored, Work Begins on Altar

Church Bell

Original standards from Meneely Church Bell


I didn't realize until I took the picture, that each standard is shaped like a bell!
We have the original wooden wheel from our bell.


The parts we have pictured are C - The Standards on which the B - Yoke and R - Bearing were supported. This original support mechanism rusted and fell through many years ago, leaving the bell resting on the G -frame suspended high in the church steeple. The F - toller, had been replaced by an electric striker which no longer hit the bell.

The bell has been rehung in the steeple and the electric striker is being reconditioned. It should soon be heard calling worshippers to Holy Cross Church once again as it has done for over 125 years! (Remember that the bell is many decades older than the church itself; we have not been successful in locating its original home!)

Here is an article published in the late 1800's about the necessity for a church bell:


We tolled our orginal bell for the Church's 125th Anniversary and can't wait to toll it again for our dedication!

 Clip about Meneely Bells from NatGeoTV channel:

Abandoned, Episode: A Conneticut Ghost Town