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Survey: Hymnals with or without the Sunday readings ?

Time to Order Hymnals for the New Church

Believe it or not, we're about to order hymnals for the new church. Several years ago, after reviewing all the music and lectionary materials available for in-pew use, we decided to postpone selecting a new worship resource until after the move into the new church.

Use of any printed material in the gymatorium would have been difficult and frankly, unecessary because of the ease of projecting words and lyrics. Our new church will not have this capability at first; the wiring is being done, but purchase and installation of the monitors and/or projectors are deferred until we can afford it. Further, recall that since the seating is very similar to the old church, not all seats will have an unobstructed view of the screens.

So we will be going back to printed materials, but to a hymnal rather than the disposable quarterly missalettes. The hymnal  will be a hard bound book with a potential life of 5-10 years. They are printed with or without the Sunday readings. A new survey asks whether having the printed readings is important to you, assuming the sound system is great. While I don't have a really strong preference, the priests and the lectors often remark that it is a pleasure to see people looking at them rather than having their heads buried in a book!

To help defray the cost of the hymnals, we will be offering bookplate memorials for individual hymnal at a cost of $ 20 per hymnal. Subscription envelopes will be available in the Parish Office, after masses and probably online. Our initial purchase will be Worship: 4th edition by GIA publications. Many communities use more than one hymnal, but this will be a great beginning.

Bookplate example

Three types of bookplates will be available: 

Gift of
Gift of / In Memory of
In Memory of

The purchase of one or more hymnals is a fitting way to honor a loved one and help our worship assembly to glorify God.

Look for the envelopes at mass or call the office for one or more enrollment forms.