Holy Cross Marble Statues Being Restored
Our Church Lights the Darkness

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles to be Delivered Tomorrow

The cedar shingles are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow and the building is just about ready for them. All the areas which need to have exterior, rigid insulation applied have been covered.

There's been a delay with the delivery of the exterior, tempered glass for all the windows (not the stained glass which is being fabricatred as I've described.) A couple of more weeks before the building can be enclosed.

Someone asked, "Hey, is there a hole in the top of the roof?" Yes, that's the opening for the spire which will be mounted above crossing at the main entry door. We're waiting for a few parts from the steel manufacturer.

More HVAC ducts enclosed in the attic


Carpenters make progress with the interior arches in the side aisles


Opening for the roof spire at the west narthex