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Window Arches and Some Good News on Construction Timetable

Today's downpour of rain held off until quitting time, so workers completed a full day on the Ward Avenue facade of the old church. They also attached the reinforcements for several of the arched windows on the rectory (north) side of the nave. Attachment of the fleche (spire) of which I spoke at Sunday's masses will have to wait for the fabrication and delivery of a crucial piece of steel.

There was generally good news from today's construction site meeting, especially regarding the timetable for completion. Within a few weeks, it will be possible to plan a realistic date for the dedication of the church by Bishop O'Connell. There are many tasks yet to be accomplished, many of which if delayed can still push the project finish date into the future. (Don't you love Gantt diagrams?)

The windows are scheduled to be delivered and the installation to begin on Friday morning. These are the window frames, neither the regular glass nor the stained glass. Once the glass is installed two weeks later, the building will be water-tight, allowing interior work to begin in earnest.  

The pew finish and kneeler fabric were chosen today, as was the red color for the exterior louvres of the church building and a dark oak cabinetry for the sacristies. 

A new, carrara marble statue of the Virgin Mary for the prayer garden was authorized today. It will be hand carved in Italy.  Final approval for the cartoons of the stained glass window of the Virgin Mary with child was given and additional suggestions were made for the drawing of St. Michael the Archangel. Drawings of St. Anne and St. Elizabeth Seton will be published when the artist submits a rendering.

Measurements were taken from the ambo and podium for the final configurations in the sanctuary and the plans for repairing and crating the smaller copper cross for shipment to the gilder were drawn up. Removal of the cross from atop the steeple is still awaiting a lift or crane capable of reaching it. 

The electrician has been busy in the church basement all along and has completed a substantial portion of the work downstairs.

Good progress, good news.