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June 2014

Stained Glass Window Locations

The tentative locations for each of our stained glass windows have been assigned. Two sets of three should be grouped together: 1) Patrick, Brigid, Colum (the patrons of Ireland) and 2) Francis, Life in the Events of Francis, Clare. We also made an effort to locate the Mary with Child window at a distance from the statue in the sanctuary.

Revised Window Schedule

The windows still available are "Life of St. Francis" and "St. Elizabeth Ann Seton."


Friday the Thirteenth Construction

Despite the foggy, rainy morning start, workers accomplished a great deal today. More of the roof sheathing from the original church was removed to expose the framework for the connection to the new church and laying of new sheathing.

Roof sheathing on the new roof construction continued and delivery of more shingles and underlayment was accepted and placed onto the roof for installation.

The architect sent three colors to be considered for the louvers in the church gables. (see below)

More revisions for the cartoon of Mary and the Apostles were reviewed and amended.

Approval was given for a thinner, but more efficient exterior insulation to comply with brand new building code regulations.

Final design drawings for the Rood (Crucifix) to hang in the sanctuary were refined.

And, oh yes, we had a deluge after all the workers went home!

Old roof is readied for a new layer of sheathing
Daylight reaches the old choir loft
The last portions of roof to be completed
LouverFinishes_other 2 (2)
Selection of louvre colors





The natural wood color of the church itself will weather to a warm grey color.

Newly Ordained Priest to celebrate Thursday Morning's Mass

Fr. Jerome Guld, a newly ordained priest for the Diocese of Trenton, will visit and celebrate tomorrow morning's regular 9 AM mass. Father had visited our school many times as a diocesan seminarian and after mass will visit with as many classes as his schedule permits. He will be accompanied by another familiar face to our school students, Seminarian Richard Osborn, who will also visit with our students.


More Carpentry Work and Roof Connections

Workers assembled more of the pointed arches for framing the exterior doors and windows. A crew also focused attention on the area where the new and old roof ridges will meet. Meantime work continued on sheathing the gables and the roof of the east transept.

A representative from the New Holland pew manufacturers (the lady in the hardhat) visited the site today to take measurements for the pews and kneelers. Stain of the wood and color of the kneeler covers will be chosen at the next site meeting on the 25th of June.

Mary framed by the North Rose Window
Frame for our original St. Helena / True Cross Window


As much of the framework of the original church will remain for structural stability.
View from the Old Choir Loft


The original Ward Avenue windows will get new frames, but are in need of restoration. A generous donor(s) to clean and repair them would be most appreciated.


Cartoon for New Rose Window of Mary and the Apostles

The cartoons (full size drawings) for the symbols of the apostles are completed. 

4 evangelists

The Four Evangelists




See if you can match up the symbol with each of the other 12 apostles!

Existing rose petal New rose petal














A petal from the original rose window in The Victory of the Lamb from St. Francis and the design for a petal in the new rose window of Mary and the Apostles.

 Both of the Rose windows will be beautiful! I hope you can hardly wait to see the sun streaming through them into our new church.




Bending and Shaping

Many hours went into cutting and shaping the frames which will go above all the entry doors. There are views of them from the ground level and the choir loft.


DSCN2638 DSCN2639

The basement still isn't dry. I don't know how they manage to work at all in the puddles. The water pipes are being installed and much of the electrical work is accomplished.



Workers are trying to compensate for the fact that the old roof is neither symmetrical nor level.


The roof from the roof.


Stained Glass Window of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton for Holy Cross Church

StelizabethannsetonWe are pleased to announce the availability of a stained glass window of the First American born canonized saint, Mother Elizabeth Ann Seton. As wife, mother, widow and then foundress of a religious order, she was dedicated to the education of young people. Education has been a major concern of the parishioners of Holy Cross parish from its earliest days and it is fitting that a stained glass window depicting St. Elizabeth Ann Seton should be included in our church.

The window will be newly designed by Conrad Schmitt studios and in available for memorialization. A commitment for this window soon will enable us to have the window installed in time for the dedication of the church in December 2014.

What is a Fleche ?

It looks like our fleche is just about ready to be erected, having arrived in a custom made kit and a bit of protective plywood covering. It will be placed over nave where the small transepts for entrance and exit meet it. It means "spire" and is an architectural accent and when used in Catholic architecture usually denotes a relatively important part of the building. 

It doesn't contain a bell and is usually relatively small compared to the steeple, although some French cathedrals like Notre Dame and others have a tall, prominent spire.

Keep watch this week for the silhouette of the church building to change if workmen erect the fleche within the next few days.


Sunny Progress

Today more welding was done on the staircase and the hand rails added. 


Work on the roof shingles continues; the roofers have pretty much caught up with the steel workers/carpenters. The roofline between old and new will be set, and shingling the old and the new will seamlessly complete the building outline.



View from the new choir loft looking into the old choir loft, new sanctuary.


Choir Loft Window for St. Helena/True Cross


View from the north side of the choir loft to the south side


Somehow I keep thinking of a spine or ribcage!


A Little More

Today workmen began installing shingles on the roof. They made great progress. Sadly, they are not slate ($$) shingles, but they color match closely. As you can also see from this photo, more of the arches were placed into the window frames.


There's now a full stairway from basement to choir loft. The sections installed today were from the ground level to the loft (as shown).


Happily, they also took care of some housekeeping in and around the site filling one entire dumpster with cut lumber and trash of other kinds.