Cartoon for New Rose Window of Mary and the Apostles
Newly Ordained Priest to celebrate Thursday Morning's Mass

More Carpentry Work and Roof Connections

Workers assembled more of the pointed arches for framing the exterior doors and windows. A crew also focused attention on the area where the new and old roof ridges will meet. Meantime work continued on sheathing the gables and the roof of the east transept.

A representative from the New Holland pew manufacturers (the lady in the hardhat) visited the site today to take measurements for the pews and kneelers. Stain of the wood and color of the kneeler covers will be chosen at the next site meeting on the 25th of June.

Mary framed by the North Rose Window
Frame for our original St. Helena / True Cross Window


As much of the framework of the original church will remain for structural stability.
View from the Old Choir Loft


The original Ward Avenue windows will get new frames, but are in need of restoration. A generous donor(s) to clean and repair them would be most appreciated.