Newly Ordained Priest to celebrate Thursday Morning's Mass
Stained Glass Window Locations

Friday the Thirteenth Construction

Despite the foggy, rainy morning start, workers accomplished a great deal today. More of the roof sheathing from the original church was removed to expose the framework for the connection to the new church and laying of new sheathing.

Roof sheathing on the new roof construction continued and delivery of more shingles and underlayment was accepted and placed onto the roof for installation.

The architect sent three colors to be considered for the louvers in the church gables. (see below)

More revisions for the cartoon of Mary and the Apostles were reviewed and amended.

Approval was given for a thinner, but more efficient exterior insulation to comply with brand new building code regulations.

Final design drawings for the Rood (Crucifix) to hang in the sanctuary were refined.

And, oh yes, we had a deluge after all the workers went home!

Old roof is readied for a new layer of sheathing
Daylight reaches the old choir loft
The last portions of roof to be completed
LouverFinishes_other 2 (2)
Selection of louvre colors





The natural wood color of the church itself will weather to a warm grey color.