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First Holy Communions To Be Celebrated This Saturday

Celebrate_christian_187929How exciting to be in the final week before the celebration of our First Holy Communions this coming Saturday. One of my favorite privileges as a priest is to be able to introduce children to Jesus in the Eucharist for the very first time. The day is always a joyful one for the entire family, sometimes including great grandparents!

Pray for our first communicants that this day begins a lifelong love of Eucharist and strengthening with the Body and Blood of Christ.


Holy Cross Parish Passes Diocesan Financial Audit with Flying Colors

Congratulations and thanks to our Business Manager Roger Trendowski, Fran Materia and all our parish staff who conscientiously follow diocesan guidelines for responsible handling of parish resources and helped pass our week-long Diocesan Financial Audit.

Our parish Finance Councils, Principal and School administrators and PTA play an important role in the accountable handling of funds at all school and fund raising events.

The final report finds us in compliance with Diocesan policies and procedures and comments:

Fr Manning and his staff were extremely helpful during the audit and they have done an excellent job ensuring that the parish is in compliance with Diocesan Internal Control Standards.


Construction After the Deluge

Masons had begun work on the elevator shaft on the day before the torrential rains. 


From inside the church, the elevator shaft to the left, and the stairwell to the right
View from the South West Main Entry Door
Choir Loft from the floor of the nave.
Sanctuary and site of main altar.

 The pace of the construction project has accelerated somewhat with the coming of warmer weather, but until there is a roof in place, the entire site is subject to weather-related delays --- now not the cold and ice, but the driving winds and rain.

Still on schedule for Christmas 2014.