Two Sessions Remaining of Adult Faith Formation: Church History
Seeking Donor for St. Michael the Archangel Window at Holy Cross

Day of Grace and Joy

Many blessings to our First  Communicants and their families. How wonderful it is to be able to receive the Body and Blood of Christ to be nourished and encouraged on the path of Christian discipleship.

The weather was a bit turbulent, but the rain held off until shortly after the last ceremony. It looked like most people were able to get to their cars without getting soaked in the rain. 

Thank you to all those who prepared the children so well for this special day - our parish staff, especially Mrs. Kabash and Mrs. George and the second grade teaching staff of both our school and our Religious Education program.  Mr. Beluzzi, our principal, was beaming as spiritual grandfather to so many of our school's second graders. The most important preparation of all is done by the parents. Let us pray that they are inspired with resolve and perseverance in the handing on of the Catholic faith.

Let us pray for a continued reverence and joy for the Eucharist whether we celebrate it at a sickbed, in a gym or a brand new church.