Snow On the Church and Snow IN the Church
Faith Seeking Understanding: Church History

Church Project Update

IcepenSeveral exciting developments with the church project:

  • Design of the Donor Memorial Book is proceeding. The cast bronze cover and first page should be on hand for viewing in the near future. The cover will feature a casting of our altar cross.
  • Revision of sketch for new St. Michael the Archangel aisle window is being worked on, as is a sketch for a second, new rose window design for the choir loft.  Final design sketches will be published as soon as we have them.
  • Final design of a window depicting events in the life of St. Francis of Assisi is pending. This window will use 4 of the 14 scenes from the life of St. Francis we own from the other windows. This window will be located between St. Francis’ main window and St. Clare’s window. One of the scenes features Francis blessing Clare.
  • Electricians are working in the church basement, even in this cold, and steel workers continue to weld the beams and supports.
  • The relics will be cut from our old altar stones and installed in our new altar when the altar is consecrated by our bishop at the church dedication.
  • Design plans are being worked on to re-use our ambry (oil repository), poor boxes, holy water stoups and processional cross. Bronze/brass items will be cleaned, polished and lacquered.
  • The newly purchased baptismal font will be shipped to the same marble mason who is working on fabricating our new altar. It will be polished, repaired and a drilled with a drain.
  • Two marble angel statues we had planned to purchase from a closed church in Philadelphia are now unavailable due to a contractual dispute between the buyer of the building and the Archdiocese.
  • Right now, plans are to reinstall our old electronic bell carillon and also to reuse the speakers which are still in the church steeple. An upgrade to a more modern and efficient system is being considered pending both an inspection of the old unit to determine its working order and the cost of a new electronic bell carillon.
  • The original church bell still hangs in the steeple. As part of the renovation project, an electric striker to ring the bell will be installed.
  • Weather delays
    • Manufacture and delivery of the steel trusses
    • Pouring of concrete floor
    • Construction site meeting postponed until next week