Adult Faith Discussion Tonight
Basement Beginnings

Church Construction

Now that more of the church building is beginning to take shape, more than one contractor has work to do. It's interesting to see plumbers, carpenters, electricians and steel workers all on hand.

I was in the new church basement with the architect last week, but didn't have a  camera. It looks very different now that there is a ceiling over the space. Since it's a nice day and the mud has dried out a bit, perhaps today is a good day for me to climb down into the basement and take a photo.

We've contacted the stained glass window studio about the possibility of creating a full sized stained glass window from 4 of the 14 panels we own depicting events in the life of Francis. One of the scenes is Francis meeting Clare, which would be included in a window to be located between each of their separate windows. We have a choice of three other scenes. Probable choices are St. Francis giving his riches, St. Francis and the Christmas Manger, St. Francis and the Animals. Since we already own the glass, this window should be economical. I'll post the details once we have the cost estimate from the studio.

This is a rough digital composite of what the window would look like: