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December 2013

Christmas Show a Success

What a wonderful Christmas concert the school children of Holy Cross School put on for their parents and families this evening. Everyone was festively dressed for the Christmas season and it was good to see so many grandparents and family members. Mr. Heim and our teachers did a great job leading the children and are to be congratulated and thanked for making a great contribution to the Christmas spirit at Holy Cross.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before the Christmas break with dismissal at noon. Most of the classes are having class parties and festivities from arrival to dismissal.


Reinforcements Arrive


The steel for the many beams which will support the church has arrived. Three more truckloads are on their way. The steel will be off loaded tomorrow. Most of the work today focused on stabilizing the crane and readying for work tomorrow morning. This is an important step in getting our new building "out of the ground."



Please Be Courteous When Parking for the Christmas Show Tonight

Please ask visitors and guests to park only in properly designated spaces and especially to observe the NO PARKING rules on the East side of Ward Avenue.

More than our parking at Christmas masses, which is now diffused over several mass times, haphazard parking at the Christmas show can cause damage to our lawn and our neighbor's lawns.

In the spirit of the Christmas season, please be courteous to our neighbors and each other when coming to tonight's concert.

Thank you.


Bad Construction Weather

Snowflake_seamless_9202Not much has been happening at the construction site for the past couple of days due to the weather. The steel workers cannot climb on wet, slippery steel nor can they weld when it is wet.

We're supposed to get delivery of the steel uprights tomorrow, weather permitting. Tomorrow, there is also an on-site construction meeting in the project trailer including architect, structural engineer, construction manager and parish staff. 


Illuminated Advent Calendar: The Annunciation

An Image of the Annunciation looking into the Front Doors of Holy Cross Church

A first look at the Advent Light Show from Holy Cross Church was pretty impressive. Some adjustments can be made, but the images were not only bright and colorful, but beautiful as well. 

Thanks to Sean Smith for providing a warm glow from the church windows...more to come.

Twenty five classic paintings of the Annunciation are features in the present show. We grabbed a quick handheld video of one of the scenes.

Plans are to run the illuminated series from 5 PM to 9 PM each evening.

 One of the 25 scene changes during last nights slide show. A tripod mounted camera will be used to capture a more steady image tomorrow night (weather permitting!).

The New Evangelization: Holy Cross Church Advent Calendar Light Show

If you just happen to be driving by the church tonight, check out the slide show of sacred Christian art on the theme of the Annunciation. Life sized images of the angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary projected from the front doors of Holy Cross Church.

On subsequent nights, the Magi, the shepherds and finally the Nativity of Our Lord will be featured.

We're still getting the kinks out of the projection system, so please be patient. 

As you know, the Annunciation was the visit of the Archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary obtaining her consent to be the mother of Jesus. This afternoon some first graders were asking me what I thought Mary looked like when she saw the angel and heard the news...scared, prayerful?? Tonight's slide show shows how artists have interpreted Mary's reaction through the ages.


Only 8 Pieces of Antique Window Glass from Holy Cross Church Remain

Only 8 pieces of antique stained glass from the aisle windows of Holy Cross Church remain after our well received parish sale. 

The remaining beautiful pieces are on display in the St. Michael Media Room all week until they are snatched up. Call the parish office for details on arranging a purchase during the week. 

Purchasing the stained glass not only gives your family a wonderful remembrance of Holy Cross, but also helps us fund the Church renovation project. Please consider welcoming one of these unique pieces into your home.


Here are the catalogue numbers of the remaining pieces: 


                #4,#7,#11,#12 ,#13,#18,#26,#27


Reconfigured Victory of the Lamb Rose Window from St. Francis Church

Here how one of the new rose windows for Holy Cross Church will look when completed. It is made from the portions of the rose window at St. Francis church which were able to be removed without damage.

Thank you to Bryan Willette of Beyer Studios for a masterful job of recreating the beauty of the original window for years to come.

Rose Window
Lamb of Victory Rose Window for Holy Cross

New Evergreen Tree Comes to Holy Cross for Christmas

Thanks to John Habeck of Shady Tree Landscape in Long Branch not only for the gift of a living evergreen tree for the campus at Holy Cross, but the offer to have it decorated for the Christmas season! What a perfect gift for the whole parish to enjoy. Check out his website and ask about the other properties he has decorated for Christmas.

The tree will be located in front of Holy Cross School on Rumson Road somewhere near the flagpole and the Rumson Road entry door.

We can't wait!